Morston Muckworks Ltd


Phased Residential Development

GeoDyne Role:

Acting as Consulting Engineers for a variety of geotechnical and environmental issues

Work Undertaken:

  • Design & implementation of phased site Investigations.
  • Production of a Remediation Method Statement (RMS).
  • Production of Foundation Works Risk Assessment (FWRA)
  • Site supervision of remediation works
  • Regulatory Liaison
  • Validation Works (including ground gas membrane inspections, capping thicknesses etc)
  • Production of Materials Management Strategy documentation

The Nar Ouse Regeneration Area (NORA) is a joint venture between Morston Muckworks Ltd and the Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk. GeoDyne has been involved with the project since 2001, assisting Morston Muckworks in the preparation of site investigation information, remediation method statements, foundation works risk assessments and materials management strategies.

Parts of the NORA scheme under ownership of our Client included a former fertiliser factory, parts of which required the full time presence and supervision (by GeoDyne) of a large contaminant hotspot. The site was successfully remediated and validated, with the Phase 1 area now completed and under occupation.

Our recent involvement has been in designing and implementing supplementary site investigation works for a second phase of development, and liaising with the relevant Regulatory Authorities to ensure transparency and to satisfy the relevant contaminated land planning conditions.

The general ground conditions across the site comprise a geotechnically poor sequence of Made Ground underlain by soft clays, silts and peat. Site works were designed to supplement previous phases of investigation across the site, integrating available site data into a robust contamination assessment and Conceptual Site Model. Due to the prevalent ground conditions a piled foundation solution was required, and GeoDyne produced a Foundation Works Risk Assessment to inform decisions on the most appropriate pile type.


The Nar Ouse Regeneration Area is a 48.5 ha (120 acre) site to the south of King's Lynn town centre.

The NORA project is one of 7 Millennium Community projects and encompasses a new business park with housing and commercial developments. The project also incorporates local facilities including a community centre, games area, primary school, football pitch, children's play area and a new park.