Ross Walk

Ross Walk


Westleigh Developments Ltd


Redevelopment of a large former industrial site

GeoDyne Role:

Design and implementation of site investigation works

Work Undertaken:

  • Site Investigation
  • DQRA
  • Remediation Design, Supervision and Validation

GeoDyne designed a phased investigation at the former British United Shoe Machinery (BUSM) works in Leicester for the future redevelopment of the site as a combined social and private residential development for a joint venture partnership which included a registered social landlord (RSL) and private developer.

The desk study identified various sources of potential contamination associated with the former BUSM operation. We designed a phased scope of exploratory works to assess possible contamination within both the soil and groundwater.

These works revealed the presence of hydrocarbon contamination in both the soils and groundwater. Further works, including a Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (DQRA), enabled us to delineate the contaminated areas. After liaison with the Environment Agency and Local Authority, we prepared an appropriate remediation strategy to protect both the future residents and local Controlled Waters.

Our remediation scheme included a programme to remove the hydrocarbon source and treat it using ex-situ bioremediation techniques. Groundwater skimming was applied to remove the free phase hydrocarbon product. The remediation works were supervised and validated by GeoDyne. Our validation report was approved by the Environment Agency and Local Authority, enabling redevelopment to commence.


The former British United Shoe Machinery (BUSM) factory was a major industrial centre for approximately 100 years producing machinery for the shoe manufacturing industry and other precision engineering products.

When the factory closed the site was used as a business park. The majority of the site has now been redeveloped for housing.